Blockchain Powered Co‑creation

Risk-free, fast and effortless through Ethereum blockchain.

Grow with Crew by transforming your community into a risk-free dynamic workforce


Blockchain powered task contracts that fuel co‑creation

Crew enables organizations to incentivise community members to pick up and perform tasks to fuel co‑creation. Powered by blockchain, to ensure that co‑creators will be paid instantly upon task completion, with no risk for all parties involved.

  • Utilize the skills, connections and knowledge of your community.
  • Outsource tasks to the right people utilizing decentralised reputation and skill sets.
  • Engage, incentivize and reward community members.
  • Risk-free, fast and effortless through Ethereum blockchain.

The Business Case

Issue #1 Solved by Crew

Ensuring Instant Payments

Most communities count numerous potential co‑creators. But why would someone spend time on fixing a bug, writing a blogpost or share content if he only gets an uncertain, future reward to do so?
Crew's solution
With Crew an organization creates blockchain powered contracts for tasks that fuel co‑creation. When someone performs such a task, he instantly gets paid in CRW or any other ERC20 token.
Issue #2 Solved by Crew

No payment and performance risks

Dynamic work relations come with risk for both parties. For the co‑creator, the companies' payment behavior is an uncertainty, and for the organization it's the performance of the co‑creator.
Crew's solution
Crew eliminates these risks by registering reputation, skillsets and the task on the blockchain.
Issue #3 Solved by Crew

Reducing the high cost of dynamic work relations

Traditional employment relationships are expensive, and the process is cumbersome to set up and run. Payroll providers are simply too expensive and slow to facilitate a dynamic workforce.
Crew's solution
By moving direct relationships to the blockchain, Crew reduces the cost of payroll providers, contracts, and the payment processing.
Issue #4 Solved by Crew

Spending less money and time on management

Leveraging the power of dynamic workforces includes keeping track of progress, deliverables and payments. This process is expensive and time consuming.
Crew's solution
Crew integrates all community activities in one single platform, automatically keeping track of thousands of tasks and activities on multiple platforms.

Read the full business case in the whitepaper

The Crew Protocol

The Ethereum powered Crew Protocol incentivizes people to pick up and perform tasks as per the mutual agreement, reducing risk for all parties to start with co‑creation.

As such, the Protocol functions as a matchmaking intermediary for companies and workers, using skills and reputation algorithms.

The Crew Protocol consists of:

👁 CrewID Contract
Holds reputation, data and skillsets of a single user. The CrewID is used to determine if a user has the skillset and reputation to perform a task.
💎 Task Contract
Holds all task specific details, the rewards and stakes, and the minimum skillset and reputation required for picking up the task.
🔑 Protocol Contract
Functions as a centralised registry for all CrewIDs and Tasks. It holds the reputation algorithm and provides reputation and staking calculations every time users take action on tasks.
🔮 Crew Oracle
This proof-of-authority oracle provides fiat-to-CRW conversion rates, social media publishing proof and web content publishing proof.

Read all the techical details in the whitepaper

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Grow with Crew by transforming your community into a risk-free dynamic workforce
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