Roadmap 🚀

Our roadmap is very much focussed on short iteration cycles following lean startup practices, with the intention to build real-world value as soon as possible.

We will to involve our community, our pilots, users and CRW token holders as much as possible during the development and launch of Crew to assure success for all parties involved.



  • Crew has been in development since 2016 as PostSpeaker. It is used and loved by 100s of companies to build social media ambassador teams.

    We are currently extending the app to run on the decentralised Crew Protocol.

Q3 2018

POC Pilots

  • Launching the Proof of Concept (POC) app, grow the Crew community using our own platform.
  • Running 5 pilots with different crypto communities using the POC app.
  • Prepare for Token Generation Event (TGE).
Q4 2018

CRW Token Generation Event

  • Launch of CRW token.
  • Implement feedback from the pilots and grow our own community. Continue developing the Crew dApp using short iteration cycles following the Lean Startup principle. All iterations will be launched on Rinkeby.
Q1 2019

Mainnet launch

  • Launch Crew v1 on mainnet with a set of launch partners: creation of tasks and the reputation protocol will be available.
  • Grow the team with business developers and community managers to prepare for on boarding more companies and communities.
  • CRW tokens become transferable.
Q2 2019

Oracle launch

  • Launching Crew v2: the Crew Oracle is launched to enable automatic task rewards.
  • Meanwhile continue onboarding more companies and communities.
Q3 2019

Enhanced Staking

  • Launching Crew v3, enabling staking for other users.
Q4 2019

Building eco-system

  • Setup grants to fund the eco system.
  • Prepare to get listed on exchanges to enable next stage of Crew.
Q1 2020

Exchange listing

  • CRW tokens get listed on exchanges to enable payout of tasks with CRW, as well as enabling stable-price payouts of tasks with the Crew Oracle.
Q2 2020

CRW-fiat Oracle

  • Launching Crew v4, Oracle is updated to enable providing CRW-Fiat rates review marketplace.
Q3 2020

Review marketplace

  • Launching Crew v5, review marketplace.
Q4 2020

Dispute mechanism

  • Launching Crew v6, dispute mechanism.

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