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Satya van Heummen

Starting with Planspot in 2011, followed by Announcely in 2013, I’m a serial entrepreneur who founded and helped multiple companies in the marketing & sales space. Among those are Fileboard, a 500 Startups alumni, and Walnut Loyalty.

I also actively helped Giveth to become the decentralised standard for transparent charitable donations.

In 2016 I co‑founded PostSpeaker, a social media ambassador tool used by many companies to grow faster. Its success is the starting point for founding Crew.

Satya van Heummen - Crew
Rudin Swagerman
Dapp Development

I’m a senior developer and entrepreneur with a passion for simple, elegant interfaces, as well as rock-solid scalable architectures and design systems.

I co‑founded Viewbook, the portfolio service for professional photographers, used and loved by myself and 1000s other photographers.

Rudin Swagerman - Crew
Koen Evers

I’m a UX strategist and designer, owner of Evers + De Gier, with over a decade experience working for high-profile customers including ABN-AMRO, TEDx,TMG, Dutch Tax Administration Office and Crypto Index, as well as scale-up startups such as Schluss and Walnut Loyalty.

My design philosophy is centered around simplicity and giving the people what they understand, and I know this perspective is what will push Crew and blockchain forward towards mass adoption.

Koen Evers - Crew
Kostantinos Logaras

I'm a senior Associate at Zepos & Yannopoulos Law Firm, a leading law firm in Greece. With over 12 years experience in Intellectual Property Law, I have assisted dozens of enterprises, from multinational companies to startups, to protect and enforce their IP assets.

Yet, nothing incentivizes me more than dynamic teams with innovative ideas using technology to disrupt and improve the environment we live and transact. I'm convinced Crew is such a project.

As such I co‑founded Omodikia, a platform enabling users to jointly pursue and settle common claims. Crew is very close to this idea, and as such I'm convinced Crew will transform how we accomplish things together.

Kostantinos Logaras - Crew
Peter Boots

I'm founder and strategist at Van de Inhoud. We create, produce, promote and monitor valuable and relevant content that attracts and engages profitable customers.

In my field of expertise, I'm specialized in content promotion. I love to boost organic social reach and create maximum engagement by using owned media and deploying ambassadors, such as employees, fans, franchisees, partners, sponsors, donors, members and fans.

That's why I co‑founded ​​PostSpeaker, the social sharing tool from which the concept of Crew has sprouted. There is no doubt that sharing content will be one of the important tasks that you can outsource to your community via Crew.

Peter Boots - Crew

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